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Goldengrass - the No1 selling haylage in Europe!

GOLDENGRASS is the largest producer of high quality grass forage feed for horses in Europe. Established in 2002 fifty qualified personnel work in the company.
GOLDENGRASS farms in excess of 3,000 hectares of fine fertile land that stretches along the biggest river of Lithuania - the Nemunas Delta. This region has been under intensive grass feed production since 1950. GOLDENGRASS uses advanced harvesting and production techniques for field preparation together with proprietary packing and sealing technologies to create a superior quality high energy haylage also known as horseage.
GOLDENGRASS eliminates harmful dust and spores always found in hay - however good the quality  - so the risk of respiratory disease and in general degraded horse performance is significantly reduced.
GOLDENGRASS alone without the addition of expensive chemical compound feeds will provide a completely natural and nutritious diet for a horse whether in heavy work or at rest.
Take a virtual look at our fields: Windows Media Player | QuickTime
Usenai, LT-99315 Silutes distr. Lithuania
Tel. +370 607 81248

Company code 111771518
VAT payer‘s code LT117715113 


The new golden bag -
a golden medal for every horse owner!